Music Mondays: Black History Month


Beyonce is one of the most recognized African-American artists of last decade. Her positive and powerful messages resonate within and beyond the black community. (Harry E. Walker/MCT)

Michael Herrera

African-Americans have had a powerful influence on music throughout history. Their sound has transcended barriers and now stretches across various genres such as rock, rhythm and blues, classical music and even country music.

The music has become a platform for many people to express themselves and their thoughts on the world they live in. This tradition is still well and alive with many black artists singing and rapping about the injustices that exist today.

Cinema and Television Arts major, Marleny Lopez, 24, says some of her favorite black artists include J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar because they rap about relevant situations that go on in the world.

“From J. Cole it would have to be [the song] Crooked Smile,” Lopez said. “He raps about the perception of what beauty is and also about skin color.”

Other students like Health major Rebeca Gonzalez, 21, appreciate powerful female artists such as Beyoncé.

“I love her style and uniqueness,” Gonzalez said. “She is a very talented female artist and her voice is one of a kind.”

Gonzalez also loves how Beyoncé’s music allows her to have a personal connection with the song.

“I love the song Halo,” Gonzalez said. “The beats, the tune, her voice. It brings me so many emotions and memories.

Psychology major Anna Mendoza, 20, says her favorite black artist is The Weeknd.

“I just love his voice,” Mendoza said. “My favorite song by him would have to be In the Night.”

The playlist this week features a variety of black artists from Billie Holiday all the way to Kanye West. Sit back, relax and let the music guide you through history.