World compliment day


Michael Herrera

In a world that can be cruel and cold, people may forget there are kind-hearted people all around us. There are still people who love to share love and let others know they are worth something. As a way to spread this positivity around the world, we asked CSUN students to participate today in World Compliment Day.

Dubbed the most positive day in the world, World Compliment Day is when people around the globe can help others feel good and admire their unique qualities. These compliments can not only improve the receiver’s mood, but they also show how a few simple words can make a difference in someone’s day.

History major Angel Aragon, 20, says World Compliment Day should be celebrated because it is nice to make other people feel nice.

“It is much harder to be nicer to people than to be mean,” Aragon said. “That’s how you know who is genuine.”

Karina Lopez, an 18-year-old child and adolescent development major also said giving people compliments simply makes the world a better place.

Sociology major Jennifer Juarez, 20, said being the person who gives the compliments is also a reward on its own.

“It just makes people feel good to do it,” Juarez said. “Someone might be having a bad day, and you giving them a compliment can make their day better.”

CSUN psychology graduate Gabi Hernandez, 22, said a stranger can enhance the meaning of a compliment because the receiver will know it’s authentic and it comes from a place of kindness.

“It’s a great idea,” Hernandez said. “Sometimes people need to be complimented and a compliment from a stranger will make them feel good because it’s genuine.”

Some students were not aware of World Compliment Day, but say it’s good to have a day to spread kindness. Journalism major Jessica Herrera, 21, said everyone should compliment each other more often everyday.

“So many people here on campus are going through struggles or may be insecure about themselves,” Herrera said. “So hearing a compliment may help them get through the day.”

Brian Andrade, 21, journalism and English double major said World Compliment Day is especially important for college students because they are so focused on their work they don’t have time to pause and admire what they’ve accomplished.

“Even wearing a nice outfit on a Wednesday is an accomplishment,” Andrade said. “Compliments can also empower someone.”