What do the stickers on your laptop say about you?


Genna Gold

Students all over CSUN’s campus have their laptops covered with personalized stickers and cases. Band stickers, flags, various schools and states adorn the computers carried around campus. Here’s a look into what the deeper meaning behind these small pieces of art.


Chelsea Yanagida, 24, kinesiology major.

“My stickers represent different things that I like in my life; places that I’ve gone; people that I know,” Yanagida said. “I’m sort of into that whole surf and skate type of culture.”


Jodie Sanchez, 23, finance major.

“I surf sometimes and I work at a surf shop so I get all of these stickers for free,” Sanchez said. “They’re all different brands in the surf industry.”


Gabriela Munoz, 21, Marketing student major.

“My case just shows a little bit of my personality, which is normally very peaceful,” Munoz said.


Raymundo Machado, 21, environmental and occupational health major.

“The sticker used to say CSUN above it, but I took it off because I wanted to go a little more subtle and simple,” Machado said.


Jeanette Gonzalez, 18, biochemistry major.

“I think the different stickers are a representation of where you put your effort into,” Gonzalez said. “Like mine, I have NASA and science stickers and a concert sticker, so it just shows the stuff I like.”

Kim DelRosario .jpg

Gabi Carillo, 18, music education major.

“My stickers are basically all memories from different parts of my life,” Carillo said. “I have some from my cousin in Rhode Island, so they remind me of her because I don’t get to see her very often. And some of them I got from my sorority.”


Samantha Sveiven, 18, English major.

“I wanted to decorate it because it was getting dirty but I have several different stickers from different colleges; all of my best friends and brother go there. I also have a climbing one from my climbing gym,” Sveiven said.


Christian Fernandez, 22, finance major.

“My computer says that I’m creative and that I’m an individual. I’m a skater so I like the brands,” Fernandez said.