Students benefit from mock interviews at Interview Frenzy


A Robert West color illustration depicts the difficulties that a young job applicant faces as he hands his resume to an intimidating employer who is seated next to a trash can full of resumes. (Robert West/2001/The Dallas Morning New/TNS)

Michael Herrera

The Career Center hosted an “Interview Frenzy” on Thursday in Bayramian Hall where students were able to brush up on their interview skills with employers before going out into the work force.

The event saw eager students waiting to have one-on-one 10-minute interview sessions with employers. Patricia Gaynor, assistant director of the event, said more than 100 students signed up.

“We have one of these every semester,” Gaynor said. “We also offer students opportunities to practice Skype interviews because they are becoming more prominent in the work force.”

There were eight employers with various professional backgrounds present at the event who gave students advice on searching for job opportunities.

Rocio Romero, job developer for the Career Center, said the students are paired together with employers who are closely related to the students’ fields of interests in order to provide the best experience possible.

“By doing this, it allows the students to receive the best advice,” Romero said. “This also allows the students an opportunity to practice how to present themselves in a professional manner.”

The employers who participate in the event are recruited by Romero after she promotes the students and highlights what they have to offer.

“We have some employers here who say they are going to make job offers this week,” Romero said.

Family studies major, Rebecca Schlesinger, 23, is one of the students who benefited from the event.

“I found it very interesting,” Schlesinger said. “I got positive feed back from them and I also got some tips on what I need to work on before I go out to search for jobs.”