Kogi Food Truck puts a twist on CSUN dining


CSUN Dines presents the Kogi Food Truck in front of the Sierra Tower (Hannah Brunelli/The Sundial)

Hannah Brunelli

A Kogi Food Truck parked in front of the Sierra Tower Thursday evening to provide an assortment of tacos, burritos, burgers, and other creative combinations for a dining experience for students between classes.

Associated Students Productions member and CSUN Public Relations major Ashley Zullo gave out free Red Bulls to the students in line for the truck and answered questions about the menu.

“It’s just a different twist, that’s why it’s so popular,” Zullo said.

The Associated Students Productions coordinator of Big Show and other events at CSUN, is a nonprofit organization that puts on events to benefit students, Zullo said. The Kogi Food Trucks are a part of CSUN Dines, which used to take place once a month, but now take place every two months depending on availability, she said.

“We’re giving students a fun and refreshing way to get dinner,” Zullo said.

Students wait as long as it takes to experience the food from the Kogi Food Truck. (Hannah Brunelli/The Sundial)
Students wait as long as it takes to experience the food from the Kogi Food Truck. (Hannah Brunelli/The Sundial)

The Kogi Food Truck had foods like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, burgers, and hot dogs with choices of spicy pork, chicken, chili, tofu, short rib, and kimchi. Zullo explained the purpose of Kogi Food Trucks at CSUN is to give students a reason to get together and eat with friends in a place with a different ambiance.

“I don’t dislike anything about it,” said Sociology major Zayra Bravo. Bravo said she has been to the Kogi Food Trucks at CSUN before and finds out when they will be on campus through Instagram.

“It brings people together and lets you see people you haven’t seen in a while,” Bravo said. She said she keeps coming back to the Kogi Food Trucks because it’s a fun experience eating with friends, it’s convenient between classes, and she loves the rib tacos.

History major Travis Russell is also a returning customer of the Kogi Food Trucks and has been satisfied with their food and service since the first time he tried it, three years ago.

As he stood in the long line of students, he said, “It’s like waiting to go on a ride or something like that; once you get to the actual thing, it’s worth the wait.”

Russell said he sees people from all over campus waiting to get food from the Kogi Food Trucks whenever they are at CSUN.

“You get to see a lot of people wanting to try out something that’s really good,” Russell said.

Despite the on and off rain on Thursday, the Kogi Food Truck appeared around 6:30 p.m. and stayed a couple hours past dark. The Associated Students Production members provided a speaker to play music as students clustered around the truck.

“It’s somewhere you can hangout with your friends that’s not always in the library or halls. It’s something different,” Zullo said.

The Kogi Food Trucks will be back during the summer for CSUN’s “Movie Fest,” usually located on the Bayramian Lawn. There will be multiple trucks as well as stringed lights around the area to create a mood students will enjoy, Zullo said.

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