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Desert Days: Coachella Style Guide

Models wear Coachella attire
Inspiration taken from Free People’s official Instagram page @Freepeople

In just a few days, people from around the world will be flocking to Indio, California where Coachella will be putting on its famous party in the desert. While fashion statements at the festival have been getting as popular as the event itself, we are here to help guide you into the do’s and don’ts of festival attire.

Erase your image of floral headbands, feathers and face jewels and make room for a more laid back and natural cool-girl vibe. Whether your style is retro, boho, feminine or a little of everything, the overall look to achieve this year is effortless, minimalistic and sexy.

Free People – retro rocker chic

(insert fp style board)

Forever 21 – boho babe

(insert forever21 style board)

H&M – flirty femme

(insert hm style board)

What NOT to wear :

It’s time that these items be seen as unacceptable festival fashion, so do us a favor and avoid these faux-paws at all cost.

Heels : You do not want to sprain an ankle running from Sahara to the Main stage; leave the heels at home and go with a more comfortable option.

Long white maxi dress : While a maxi or midi dress is easy breezy for festivals, your white dress will be sure to be ruined by 6 p.m. If the long layers are a must, make sure you can tie up the sides so you can dance with ease, or bring a lightweight scarf to lay down when it’s time to take a rest on the grass (or dirt.)

Anything that is considered cultural appropriation : Feather head bands and bindi’s, don’t bother to bring them. Just, don’t do it. (We might as well add here to leave the flower crowns at home.)

Heavy makeup : Eyeliner, heavy eyeshadow, lipstick. Leave the hassle at home, and instead switch those products out for highlighter, oil blotting sheets and a natural lip stain. Natural is the way to go.

Furry, full-bodied, or any costume : Whether it’s a morph suit, (which I still don’t know how people find them comfortable) a furry fake animal that you are fashioning on your head or an old Halloween costume, just don’t. While expressing your personal style is applauded, these outrageous statements are a bit obnoxious. Functional first.

Do pack :

Look out for an extensive list of what to pack in your bag, but for now, check out these accessories and items that you are going to want to have with you.

Bandana/Scarf : The dust is sure to rise, as festival goers shuffle through the dessert grounds, so bring something to cover your face with. These can also be used to protect your clothes if you lay them out on the floor to sit on.

Baseball Cap : The hot sun wears on you after a long weekend. Packing a baseball cap is the best for temporary sun protection. The style allows for you to carelessly throw it in your bag or hang it from a belt loop.

Extra Outfit : While it may seem like a hassle if you are camping, bring just one extra outfit that is effortless, comfortable and you know you feel good in. It’s possible by the third day you will be re-thinking that extravagant three-piece outfit with lace up sandals and excess jewelry.

Sunglasses : Not your favorite $200 pair, buy something cheap and comfortable for the weekend that you either don’t mind losing or you can ditch after the summer.

Jacket : Temperatures drop well into the 50s at night, so you will NEED a warm piece for when the sun goes down. A hoodie or jean jacket that you can tie around your waist or stuff into a bag will be the most beneficial. This is another item you can buy cheap so you don’t mind loosing it.

Keep in mind, weather is always a key factor to outfit planning for festival season. The current weather prediction is in the 80s for weekend one of Coachella. So, this year we are adding in longer layers, sleeves and even some denim to layer up for the cold desert nights.

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