Matador Couture


Eli, sporting an Adidas crop top and plaid flannel around her waist, scrolls through her phone while standing in front of Forever 21 at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, CA on August 26, 2016. Photo credit: Manuel Fuentes

Meliss Arteaga

Most students are seen in fresh trendy clothes during the first week of school; hardly anyone is seen with an outdated piece of wardrobe. However, Denice Castellon and Abril Preciado, seniors at CSUN, would not use the term “outdated” when it comes to pieces they do not have in their closets anymore.

Some of those pieces are long sleeve turtlenecks, wool sweaters, bell bottoms, fishnet tights, fedoras, and high heel pumps. Just because these garments and accessories did not work for them, does not mean they will not work on others.

“There are no rules when it comes to fashion,” said Castellon. “It comes down to confidence and how you pair items together.” For the heat, Castellon suggests denim dresses, stylish sandals such as gladiators, high waisted skirts,and complimentary accessories like a choker necklace that has made its comeback from the 90s.

“I like comfort, so I would go for a loose-fitting dress with sandals,” she said. When it comes to shoes, Castellon tries to stay away from Ugg boots due to the excess heat in the valley, despite fall coming soon.

Being fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean shopping at all the big name stores, either. Ana Ching, a 19-year-old business management major, seeks stylish pieces with lower price tags at thrift stores such as Wasteland, Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange.

Ching also has recommendations for what clothing and accessories are in style.

“Chokers [are] definitely [in] for girls,” she said. “I would say high waisted pants or shorts are still in.”

About a block away from CSUN is Collective Lifestyle, a clothing store which sells women’s and men’s clothing targeted towards younger customers.

CJ Berina, CSUN alumnus and the CEO of the store, said the store does a little bit of everything, such as selling Primitive wear to crop tops and tanks.

“It all depends on how you rock your style,” Berina said. “Just being free-spirited is what makes up fashion.”

Brian Andrade, a senior at CSUN recommends exchanging T-shirts with brand labels for something simpler and more versatile like a T-shirt followed by a fitted button up collared shirt.

“This is very versatile since you can wear it casually with the open tee and the button up over it, unbuttoned,” Andrade said.

In case something more formal comes up, Andrade suggests buttoning and tucking in the shirt paired with dark trousers since they can look formal or casual depending on what it is topped with. To finish this look, Andrade recommends a leather watch as an accessory for men.

When in doubt, Preciado also stands by simplicity when it comes to her go-to outfits.

“A nice jumpsuit is a great piece to have, it works with everything,” she said. “You can wear it on a night out with friends, you can make it edgy by adding a black leather jacket or look professional by adding a blazer.”

Other staple pieces include a moderate black dress, a blazer, a statement necklace and nude heels that are perfect for work or an important interview, according to Preciado.

Castellon said another key to styling is coordinating your outfit to the weather. When the weather is cool, she recommends layering an outfit with scarves and cardigan sweaters. Another major point is to remember the occasion you are dressing for, and what will go with your body type, according to Castellon.

Almost anything works now, as long as you know how to style your look, Preciado adds. “At the end of the day, wearing what you feel comfortable in and feeling good about it makes your look unique.”