MEChA celebrates Dia de Los Muertos


An altar made by a student to honor their deceased family or friends inside the Chicanx House Oct. 27, 2016 Photo credit: Alejandro Aranda

Michele Rodriguez

With Dia de Los Muertos approaching this Tuesday, Moviemiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlan (MEChA) celebrated with their annual Day of the Dead event Friday night.

The CSUN Chicanx House was decorated with ofrendas, or altars honoring the dead, made by students. Each altar featured vibrant colors and photographs, incorporating favorite foods and personal artifacts of the deceased while a tree lit up by string lights and pictures of those who have passed sat outside.

The event is put on annually, often following the Noche de Ofrendas where the altars are shared and displayed in a night of remembrance, acting as a celebration rather than a memorial.

The importance of showcasing a very traditional cultural experience is appreciated by many students who attend.

“Having events like this is so important because it shows people this tradition goes deeper than a ‘Mexican Halloween,'” said Jesus Barrera, a 20-year-old business major. “It’s a way to educate people and get them involved.”

From live performances of traditional Mexican dances and music, to vendors selling traditional Mexican food and drinks, the event allowed for remembering loved ones and the life they lived in a festive environment.

The celebration is not limited to CSUN students. Hosting hundreds of attendees, many are able to connect with their culture while being provided a safe space to do so.

“Everyone celebrates on their own terms,” said 21-year-old Paola Alvarado. “I love having a place to go celebrate with like-minded people.”

Alvarado is not a CSUN student, but has attended the event with her family for the past two years.

Dia de Los Muertos is meant to be a vibrant celebration of life and death, and MEChA felt the need to embrace their traditions and culture right here on CSUN’s campus.