Kiv Bui / The Sundial


It was quiet like the cat prowling the street,


A hushed explosion lurking at the corner,





To my insides,

And I shivered

Gritted my teeth

A scream threatened to pierce my lips

I wanted to shout all my troubles,

Let it linger in the polluted air and evaporate

As soon as it touched the clouds and disappeared in the galaxy

I was but a mouse in a cage of lions in this world

My hushed explosion hunched over and withered,

So I knelt down,

My knees scraping the concrete,

I bowed my head and I prayed.

Andrea Ramos: My name is Andrea Ramos, I am 21 years old, I am a fourth year,a double major in creative writing and literature.I love to write long and short stories,poems and read almost any genre.