Book column: Women’s history month


Photo credit: Thuy Vy Bui

Brianna Rendon

In honor of Women’s History Month, here are a few of books that could be read over spring break to keep you entertained.

“My Not So Perfect Life” by Sophie Kinsella includes main character Katie Brenner who looks up to her boss because of her creativity, what she wears and the house she lives in. On the other hand, Katie’s life is an everyday struggle and she tries to make her life seem great using social media. She wants to be successful and make her father proud, but gets fired from her job and eventually returns with her family. The book involves romance, drama and the use of social media. This book can be purchased at Barnes and Noble for $16.86

“Falling” by Jane Green is a love story where the main character, Emma, moves away from home to live in New York to feel liberated. In Manhattan, she had a well-paying job, a gorgeous apartment, and dated different men, but she was not satisfied. She moved to Connecticut where she did not have a job or friends, but she found love in a place where she least expected it. This book can be purchased at Barnes and Noble for $17.44

“Desert Blood” by Alicia Gaspar De Alba is based on the femicides that occurred in Juarez, Mex. The main character named Ivon is a Hispanic lesbian professor who planned to adopt a baby from a Mexican factory worker named Cecilia. Ivon then finds out Cecilia was killed with her body found in the desert. Following that unfortunate event, Ivon’s younger sister Irene gets kidnapped while attending a fair. The book discusses the struggles Ivon had to experience with her own mother because of her sexuality and going through anything to find her missing younger sister. “Desert Blood” can be purchased on Amazon for $16.95

“Oranges are Not the Only Fruit” by Jeanette Winterson is about a young girl who is adopted by a fundamentalist Christian in which she takes command of Jeanette’s entire life. Her mother instills the idea that everything she does is related to God in some way and that in the future she would become a missionary to the world. That’s all Jeanette knows, but according to her teachers and classmates, she is obsessed with God and it scares them. Jeanette makes a friend named Melanie and eventually, she becomes her love interest. As time goes on Jeanette goes through struggles because she is shunned. This book can be purchased on Amazon for $10.