CSUN A Better Future wins at Associated Students elections


CSUN A Better Future candidates Jonathan Goldenberg(left) and Zahraa Khuraibeh(right) are the winning A.S. president and vice president for the 2017 Spring election. Photo credit: Nathalie Ramirez

Nathalie Ramirez

With a 17.2 percent voter turnout, the results of the Associated Students (A.S.) 2017 spring election are in.

CSUN A Better Future candidates Jonathan Goldenberg and Zahraa Khuraibeh will serve as President and Vice President for the 2017-2018 school year, which was announced on a live feed from the A.S. Facebook page Thursday afternoon.

Students had the chance to vote via email or in-person at the voting polls that were located in various parts of campus on April 12 and 13.

The ceremony at the University Student Union also announced the winners for senator positions in various colleges:

  • Senators for the Lower Division are Kelsey Baez and Basia Czarnecka. Also, winners Toren Arusi and Savannah Palacio for Upper Division.
  • Winners for senator position in Graduate are Jess Cardiel and Jennifer Skornik.
  • Taking the position as the new senators for the College of Social and Behavioral Studies are Beverly Ntagu and Elizabeth Ramirez.
  • Rolando Cabral and Alex Canas won as senators for the College of Science and Math.
  • Senators for the College of Humanities are now Habit Naqvi and Susana Elizalde.
  • New senators for the College of Health and Human Development are Edwin Ocampo and Khari Campbell-Wright.
  • Winners for the College of Engineering and Computer Science Akila Murali and Ali Al-Farsi.
  • The new senators for the College of Education will be Jacquelyn Espinosa and Carla Martinez.
  • Henry Nguyen and Paulina Silva are the new senators for the College of Business Administration and Economics.
  • Winners for the College of Arts, Media, Communication are Clarissa Rojas and Christopher Martinez.