5 places to eat off campus that offer diverse foods


Two people chat in Barclay’s lounge. The coffee shop is known for it’s student-friendly atmosphere. Image Credit: Tyler Irvin

Ivan Salinas

CSUN’s diverse campus community is also reflected in its surrounding food restaurants. From middle eastern food to Korean dishes, people may even find themselves overwhelmed with how many options there are off campus. Here are five suggestions to get you going:

1. Waffle Love

9411 Reseda Blvd.

Melissa Klein (left) and her daughter, Baylee Jones (right) receive their order of waffles from Boyd. Melissa ordered The Red Wonder topped with strawberries, raspberries and homemade cream and Baylee ordered the Banana Cream Pie topped with house cream and banana slices. Photo credit: Nathalie Ramirez

Start the day with a delicious breakfast from Waffle Love, a restaurant dedicated to the craft of Belgian-style waffles. Try some of their signature dishes, such as The Churro Waffle or Nutella Love. Coffee is complementary!

2. Falafel Palace

9255 Reseda Blvd

Falafel Palace is a great place off campus for students to enjoy Middle Eastern food. Photo credit: Ivan Salinas

For lunch, some people may want to head down to this place, also known as Gyro. Choose from a variety of Middle Eastern dishes, Shawarma Pita or Chicken Kabob. They also offer vegan options.

3. Get Shaved

9255 Reseda Blvd


To battle the summer heat, stay cool with some shaved ice. However, this small outdoor lounge also offers ice cream, cookie sandwiches, and shakes. Perfect for a small fresh snack.

4. A&W Seafood Restaurant

9306 Reseda Blvd

Located at the intersection of Praire and Reseda Blvd. A & W offers a variety of seafood dishes. Photo credit: Ivan Salinas

For dinner, some people may be in the mood for lobster, shrimp or crab. They also serve dishes such as chow mein, noodles, and chicken egg rolls if your friends are not seafood fans.

5. Barclay’s Coffee & Tea

8976 Tampa Ave

Two people chat in Barclay's lounge. The coffee shop is known for it's student-friendly atmosphere.
Image Credit: Tyler Irvin

After a long day, it’s time for a peaceful study session and if people are looking for a local coffee shop, then this place is the perfect fit. It’s the furthest place from campus in this list, but it’s worth the extra traveling for their signature drinks like the mocha borgia or the lavender vanilla latte. The place offers free wi-fi.