Crime Blotter 9/20 – 9/25

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Photo credit: Kiv Bui

Ivan Salinas

Friday 9/20

A hit-and-run traffic accident occurred in the parking lot G3 structure. An unknown suspect hit the victim’s vehicle and left the location in an unknown direction.

A resident of the University Park Apartments was referred for alcohol law violation.

Saturday 9/21

There is a continuing investigation taking place for a hit-and-run incident in Parking Lot F9.

Sunday 9/22

Theft of personal property occurred in Nordhoff Hall because the victim’s bicycle was stolen even though she had secured it with a cable lock.

An unknown male suspect made threatening statements towards three staff members standing in the lobby of Bayramian Hall. The suspect left the location before any arrest was attempted.

Tuesday 9/24

Near Sequoia Hall a non-student refusing to leave campus was arrested. The suspect was transported to the LAPD Van Nuys jail for booking.

Wednesday 9/25

On the parking lot G9 structure, an unknown suspect set the contents of an outdoor recycling bin on fire. The investigation is still under investigation.

CSUN police officers arrested a suspect for driving with a suspended license and ignoring a traffic signal at the intersection of Lindley and Vincennes.