Crime Blotter 10/11-10/16

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Nate Graham

Monday, Oct. 09

Unknown suspects entered the victim’s apartment in University Park Apartments building 2 through an unlocked sliding door on Sunday night and just past midnight on Monday morning. A laptop, purse and car keys were stolen. The victim’s vehicle was then stolen from parking lot F9. The investigation is ongoing.

Unidentified suspects damaged an exterior elevator panel in University Park Apartments building 17. The means is not known and the investigation is being continued.

An identified suspect repeatedly harassed victim through continuous text messages Monday just before midnight. This was reported from University Village Apartments building B.

Tuesday, Oct.10

An identified suspect etched graffiti into the desk he was occupying in Live Oak Hall on Monday afternoon. The crime was reported on Tuesday, Oct. 10 and the investigation is being continued.

An unknown suspect used a counterfeit bill to complete a purchase in the afternoon at Geronimo’s Restaurant. The investigation is ongoing.

CSUN Police officers arrested a suspect for the possession of a stun gun on campus on Oct 5 at University Park Apartments building 10. The suspect was transported to the CSUN station for booking. The case has bean cleared by adult arrest.

Wednesday, Oct. 11

An unknown suspect spread an unknown clear liquid on the driver’s side door of the victim’s vehicle. The investigation is ongoing.

An unknown suspect stole a metal sign posted outside the 4th floor elevator anywhere from 2-6 a.m., officials are investigating.

Thursday, Oct. 12

Two unknown male suspects stole the victim’s bicycle that he had secured with a cable lock to the bicycle racks near Cypress Hall. When confronted by a passerby the suspects abandoned the bicycle and fled, the investigation continues.

Friday, Oct. 13

An unknown male suspect stole the victim’s bicycle that was secured to a bicycle rack with a cable lock outside of Manzanita Hall. The suspect fled on the bicycle and was last seen westbound on Nordhoff at Reseda.

A known suspect sexually battered a victim near the university park apartments, officials are investigating.

Monday, Oct. 16

A suspect hit the victim’s vehicle and left the location without leaving his information. The suspect was later identified through witness statements and the accident was observed on the campus CCTV system. The incident happened in parking lot B6.

An unknown suspect falsely pulled a fire alarm pull station causing the alarm to activate at the USU, police are investigating.

Tuesday, Oct. 17