25 affirmations to carry into the new year



According to the Statistics Brain Research Institute, about 58 percent of Americans make resolutions. Only 9.2 percent of people say they were successful in achieving their resolution at the end of the year. (Dreamstime/TNS)

Kianna Hendricks

New year, new you. Sure we say that every year but this year we mean it, right? Whether it’s becoming a gym rat, finally getting that 4.0 or just being unapologetically yourself, we all have goals and positive affirmations can help achieve them.

Positive affirmations are positive statements that can change your way of thinking. They rewire your brain and replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Essentially, faking it until you make it. If you truly believe what you are saying then you will speak it into existence.

Research from Carnegie Mellon University suggests positive affirmations spoken at the beginning of the semester can increase grade point averages and help to problem solve under times of high stress. Speaking goals into existence doesn’t work without actually working for them, but it’s a step in the right direction towards the “new you”.

Choose the affirmations that resonate with you, speak them out loud, look at yourself in the mirror and say them until you believe them. We could all use a little positivity. Live your best life, today.


  • I love myself exactly as I am
  • I recognize my worth
  • I feel no need to compare myself to anyone
  • Every decision I make is the right one for me
  • Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt.

Student Life

  • I look forward to graduating and getting my degree
  • Every day I am improving and becoming a better student
  • I choose to fully participate in my day
  • Creative energy flows through me and leads me to new and brilliant ideas
  • I will take full advantage of my opportunity in college


  • I forgive myself and set myself free
  • I choose now to let go of all the hurt and resentment
  • The past is over I live in the present
  • Live and let live
  • I am at peace

Health and fitness

  • I live a healthy lifestyle
  • I look forward to my workout
  • Every day I am becoming stronger
  • Every day I am becoming healthier
  • I won’t give up


  • Today is a good day
  • I will face any challenges with a positive mind and good heart
  • I am open to new beginnings
  • My life is what I make of it
  • I am grateful for it all