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Van Nuys escape room opens room for breaking things

Photo courtesy of Break Room Los Angeles

Tranquil scenery, hot tubs and spas are all ideal sites for relaxation and release, but Suite 201 Escape Room in Van Nuys challenges that notion. Suite 201 Escape Room recently opened “Break Room LA”, it is essentially a room where a people can destroy items for up to an hour without any repercussions.

Hilario Huizar, the Marketing Manager for Suite 201 Escape Room, said, “Break Room LA (BRLA) was founded in November 2017. The idea came from the primary business Suite 201 Escape Room. As many of you may or may not know, the process of a Escape Room is typically you come in, start your live escape room experience for 60 min. and then get escorted out the room if you make it out or not within the hour.”

Huizar shared a quote from the CEO and owner of Suite 201 Escape Room, Steven M. “I don’t like the fact that groups just come in and go when us as the business owners know that people come to have fun and spend time with their family or friends.”

Huizar added, “The owner did not like that idea and decided to change the typical Escape Room experience by providing groups with a different and unique thing to do when showing up. Which is now known as Break Room LA where you can break, wreck and destroy just about anything!”

To enjoy this enterprise, tickets are purchased in packets. Admission is between $12 and $56, not including bundles (items allowed to break) which span from $5 to $50. In The Break Room, items vary.

“You can destroy just about anything from household items to office items for example, microwaves, computer monitors, printers, scanners, keyboards, home DVD players, toasters and much more,” Huziar said.

Once items are destroyed, they don’t go to waste. “Steven M. brought the idea of BRLA to SCV recycling center which is the primary recycling center for the San Fernando Valley and got sponsored to get the items from them! Since we would be breaking items that are not good anymore compared to new items,” Huizar said.

SCV Recycling Center supplies items to be destroyed to the Break Room. After the items have been tampered and destroyed, they’re returned to the SVC Recycling Center to be processed for recycling. “Break Room LA also encourages customers to take advantage of the BYOB [Bring Your Own Bundle] package; its cheaper and promotes recycling of those items. You break, we clean!”

Besides the small items, Break Room LA have big investments coming up soon. Huziar revealed the Break Room will “provide customers with a car to break, wreck and destroy! And possibly in the future open more locations in other states.”

Suite 201 Escape Room and Break Room is twenty minutes from campus located at: 6819 Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 201, Van Nuys, CA 91405

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