Facial Recognition Restaurant


Valley View News

Caliburger in Pasadena has teamed up with NEC Facial Recognition to enhance their business. When customers come in to order their food, all they have to do is smile. The restaurant has a kiosk that allows you to pay for your food only using your face.

“We actually are cutting out about 30 seconds to a minute of your traditional ordering time,” said AJ Rochow, Caliburger’s Marketing Director. “For repeat customers who have very complicated orders, it’s even faster because they don’t have to go through the same process of saying, no bun or now cheese.”

People can come and go to pick up their meal. Whether you are getting food for yourself or a large party. Some customers say they think the new technology is efficient.

“It’s a cool concept,” Caliburger customer Cesar Delgado said. “Say the restaurant is really busy extremely busy, I can say this is extremely beneficial.”

“As a customer, I feel that it’s convenient,” said customer Jazminne Gaona. “It will make things a lot faster.”

For those who aren’t ready to step into the new tread, they still have the option to use their card to swipe.

“I think that’s a great option they have to be able to swipe your card instead of being tech-savvy,” Delgado said.

Caliburger in Pasadena is the first of its 40 locations to use face pay technology.

“We have 40 locations worldwide,” Rochow said. “We would love to put our self-working kiosks linked with NEC’s Facial Recognition
technology to all those restaurants.”