Kuwait National and Liberation Days celebrated on campus


Nearly 100 students and visitors from across the country gathered at the Grand Salon on Feb. 23 Photo credit: Brandon Ilano

Brandon Ilano

Green, black and red balloons filled the room with the colors of the Kuwaiti flag. Kuwaiti flag-themed decorations lined the walls and people were treated to cupcakes with themed frosting.

Nearly 100 students and visitors gathered at the grand salon Friday night to celebrate Kuwait National and Liberation Days on Feb. 25 and 26 respectively.

“It’s good that so many people are here, it makes me feel like I’m at home,” 22-year-old civil engineering major Mansour Aburamyah said. “I came here without my family so right now I feel like I’m at home.”


Students and visitors gathered in the Grand Salon before the event began to talk among themselves, take photos and have refreshments. The attendees were not just CSUN students but visitors from Fullerton, Boston, Arizona and more.

The celebration was planned and organized by Ayat Fathalla, president of the Kuwaiti Student Association. This is the second year the club had a National and Liberation Day gathering on campus according to Fathalla.

“We have lots of Kuwaiti students here, so it’s important to bring them together and celebrate,” 28-year-old Political Science major Abdul Aziz Alajmi said.

CSUN has about 350 Kuwaiti students, the celebration was a way for the community to gather and celebrate Kuwait National and Liberation day. It was a way for those studying abroad to have their home away from home, Fathalla said.

“When I created the Kuwaiti Student Association it was my first point to do that I could create a small Kuwait out of Kuwait,” Fathalla said. “I want them to be gathered, I want them to be under one umbrella so we can provide all the hope, entertainment and academic advisement for them.”

There were activities and games such as charades and hot potato to have the attendees interact and enjoy themselves. The winners received various rewards such as a free trial membership to UFC gym.

“My first goal is to make everyone enjoy this day and this night,” Fathalla said. “I don’t want them to feel like they are far away from their home country. We are here, we are like one family.”