Liberty & Ego



Holly Stuczynski, senior


Dreams seem to be an extension of my daily process, worries, tasks. I dream of being able to have the power over the endless chores, taking control of the tools that encapsulate my time. Eugene Delacroix’s painting “Liberty Leading the People” has always been a strong image, and as a full-time student, mother of six and wife, I see that I need to have strength and courage to accomplish my life goals. While I may not think that I have an excessive worry with regards to time management, obviously my dreams speak to my stress and desire to conquer.



When I dream the thoughts that are underlying can trickle out, and with the political climate being as such, I am so fearful that the current president will destroy our planet and take away women’s rights over their own body as he reigns as his own appointed dictator, spewing forth ugly prejudiced rhetoric towards immigrants, especially those from Mexico and hatred towards anything that is California. I painted this recognizing Salvador Dali’s “Persistence of Memory,” who painted dreams and dream-like states, referencing my dream, my fears and Trump’s persistence of ego.