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Daily Sundial

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Land of Fantasy

Laurenze Dela Luna, psychology honors, senior

Are we dreaming or are we awake, every single day of our lives?

Or are we simply living in a world with deception and lies?

In my dreams I can be mistakened just like in real life I can

I can see, smell, touch, taste and hear in this reality

That we tend to encounter everyday

As well as in the dream or otherwise known as fantasy land

I can feel myself awake every morning and look in the mirror and see who I am

But in dreams we are also capable of doing this

As every action and feeling can be reciprocated

Making these dreams somewhat a reality duplicated program

I can see myself exploring areas that I have been to before

Walking through sidewalks and streets

And into various recognizable doors

But I can see myself also being introduced to places that are unfamiliar and strange

With made up monsters that talk and chase after me

With the settings in a constant change

I can hear an alarm clock and awake from either the non-drastic or drastic dream

But what if that is not yet the reality of it all

Even though how good it may seem

As I am now introduced, to another sound of a loud alarm clock ring

Waking me now to the reality we all know of

And no longer the awaking dream

But what if me awaking is another dream of it all

I can pinch myself to find proof but yet in this fantasy land

We are still capable to hurt ourselves and rise and fall

As although I claim I know I was sleeping and claim I was dreaming when I was awake

How can I define the truth of reality and understand this is not another dreaming state?

But within the nights and days hours we claim to dream

Our bodies and true concentrations surely halt to a break

Now what if it is our souls leaving our bodies and entering another dimension

Making this other world reality-based and not considered fake

And what if it is like the concept of death and the places we may encounter

But yet in dreams, it is just considerably a temporary transfer

As even if we claim our brains are just awake day and night

What if it is our souls who are really awake just in the other dimension?

Which can not be scientifically proved wrong or right

Allowing us to see ourselves as whole and utilizing our brains

To just create the concept of being alive and the term’s structured frame

As with death we learn of ghost and hauntings whose souls never left the earth

But yet they see reality the way we do and still believe they are alive

Even without no physical functioning brain

Still trying to reach goals and continuously discover their multiple worths

Just like humans they can and are described to communicate, speak

And provide signals of strength

It seems they are still alive in their perspective

As they can still see us and go through humanly lengths

Now, with us being awake and alive

How can we be sure we may be in real life or a dream?

As everything is still capable to transfer upon the dimensions as it seems

Just like ghosts who roam the earth and their perceptions that they are alive

And still find the world to continuously be true

What if it is the same to us but with physical functioning brains?

It rather is described as dreams upon me and you

So welcome to this land of fantasy

Where we can not distinguish the truth of it all

Maybe we are like ghosts but instead labeled as humans

In this dimension of “reality” that we call

As even though we may be awake for hours of the day

And sleep through hours of the night

We can not distinguish dreams

As with being awake may just be an illusionary sight

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