Once they dreamt…


Noemi Tovar Terrazas, grad student

Serene days and a night gone by.

So much to say, yet I find so little time.

Watching the birds on a sunset cold and steep,

She lost hope and fell blindly to his feet.

What was he, if not the tears that fell from her eyes.

What was he, if not her strength falling helpless to his lies.

No! No more!

Come and rid me from this wretched place.

If not you, who else to take me away?

Do not save me,

For you cannot save what’s already dead.

What are you, if not my wings to fly away.

What are you, if not the night lighting my day.

Misleading wounds tear me breathless from your side.

My dearest do not forgive, to judge I had no right.

What am I, if not a man without a fight.

What am I, if not the moon no longer bright.

Her eyes closed, resting soundly in bed.

He pleaded guilty

To the tears she once shed.

If you hear me, let me shout it to the sky.

Do not forget,

All my promises,

Please do not cry!

Darkness showers

Dreamers dreaming based on lies.