CSUN Sounds


Photo credit: Sarah Hofstedt

Thania Garcia

1. “Please Me” by Cardi B & Bruno Mars

Released: Feb. 15

Cardi B and Bruno Mars proved to be a profitable collab when they dropped their award-winning hit “Finnesse.” The track is inexplicably slow, although Cardi’s verses seem rushed and there is an overwhelming amount of radio-trap beats.

2. “Berkeley’s on Fire” by SWMRS

Released: Feb. 15

This fun new tune from SWMRS is from their latest sophomore album. It is the opening track and helps blend together and define the band. It’s a classic in-your-face punk sound with loud crashing drums and topics of societal desensitization.

3. Thotiana – REMIX” by Blueface ft. Cardi B, YG

Released: Feb. 16

The track that has not left your timeline in weeks has been remixed yet again and this time, its sound has come back stronger. Cardi B, who won the Grammy for Best Rap Album last weekend, takes over this track with her classic outrageous lyricism and effortless flow.

4. “New House” by Rex Orange County

Released: Feb. 14

Another addition to the Rex Orange County discography, this single is well-written and is telling of what new record may be on the way. It features Rex’s speedy and notable sing-talk stylings and a bit of soul as well.

5. “Mine” by Slayyyter

Released: Feb. 13

The early ’00s meets electronic dance pop with this new track by St. Louis based viral star, Slayyyter. Her Britney Spears-esque vocals on top of bedroom pop electronica make for a nostalgic sound.

6. “Everyday” by Weyes Blood

Released: Feb. 12

“Everyday” is a love song by American musician, Natalie Mering. This track is very reminiscent of popular female vocals from the ’70s rock scene. It’s a baroque-pop single with unique production value. Not to mention, the music video cleverly complements the sound (The Shining meets ’70s suburbia — what more could one want?)

7. “I Don’t Even Know You Anymore” Netsky feat. Bazzi and Lil Wayne

Released: Feb. 14

Electronic producer Netsky joins Bazzi and Lil Wayne for this track. Wayne ventures out into mainstream pop with this tune, carrying a catchy chorus. The collaboration proves the versatility of all the artists involved.

8. “Robbery” by Juice WRLD

Released: Feb. 13

This dark rap-trap tune is another hit for Juice WRLD, who made his mark posting his songs online in 2017 leading up to the well-received “99 EP.” The strength of this tune lies in its lyrics which detail a demanding relationship and conflicting masochistic advice from his father.

9. “For Real” by Tom Petty

Released: Feb. 15

This telling and unreleased track came in the midst of anticipation for the release of “The Best Of Everything” hits album, which is expected in March. The track details the struggles and successes behind Tom Petty’s career. It was recorded in 2000, and is a gift to the many Heartbreaker fans who were left wanting more after the star’s passing in 2016.