CSUN Sounds


Illustration by Sarah Hofstedt

Thania Garcia

1. “Before I Let Go” by Beyoncé

Released: April 17

As the first black woman to headline Coachella, Beyoncé’s 2018 set can be found engraved into the brains of many. Her stylistic choices throughout the performance are yet again praised by many, likening the Netflix documentary to the form of a live album and live concert experience. The album titled “Homecoming” includes this bonus track, a cover from the soul band Frankie Beverly & Maze.

2. “Earth” by Lil Dicky

Released: April 18

Lil Dicky: the activist? This new song features around 30 celebrity guests preaching about the dangers of climate change and even more so, the danger that comes with ignorance. Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are just a few of many voices heard. Although the song itself is not musically robust, we’re inclined to share the tune due to its good cause and many featured stars.

3. “No Expectations” by Kurt Vile

Released: April 17

Kurt Vile has effectively covered this classic track originally sung by The Rolling Stones. The song was expertly re-done and added something of value rather than just a straightforward cover. There’s an added fragility in Vile’s vocals that makes the cut memorable.

4. “Power is Power” by SZA, The Weeknd and Travis Scott

Released: April 18

This new track was made possible thanks to the people of “Game Of Thrones.” The track matches the action associated with the show. The artists have been teasing a music video for this song on their Instagrams.

5. “Baby Boy” by Kevin Abstract

Released: April 18

This new track coming from Kevin Abstract’s solo project carries a slow and catchy melody. Abstract’s sweet vocals sung softly over guitars work greatly with the melancholic lyricism that says: “Spent my days alone when God left me all alone / He’s all I got … I should let him know how much I need him now.”

6. “I’m Still Here” by Modest Mouse

Released: April 19

Modest Mouse’s last album was released back in 2015. The new track isn’t much of a highlight for the band as there lacks a certain level of consistency throughout. The band is set to accompany The Black Keys on a tour in September.

7. “Coax & Botany” by Gus Dapperton

Released: April 19

Gus Dapperton has just released his new album titled “Where Polly People Go to Read.” In it, “Coax & Botany” is a direct highlight with its catchy instrumentals and memorable lyrics. Dapperton’s strength comes through in these types of raw tracks.

8. “In the End” by The Cranberries

Released: April 16

When The Cranberries’ lead singer, Dolores O’Riordan, passed last January, there was word that The Cranberries had little posthumous material to release. “In the End” is an ironically morbid song that has O’Riordan’s classic and exquisite voice singing: “Ain’t it strange / When everything you wanted / Was nothing that you wanted / In the end.”

9. “All For The Life of The City” by The Flaming Lips

Released: April 17

This track (not yet uploaded on streaming platforms), is yet another nod to The Flaming Lips’ signature experimental cuts. The frenzy that embarks throughout the tune is appealing and Wayne Coyne’s vocals are unforgettable as always.

This and previous sound roundups can be found on the CSUN Sundial Spotify under the CSUN Sounds 2019 playlist.