Sol Fest 2019


Photo credit: Nikiko Burnett

Noelle Nakamura

CSUN students and community were welcomed to participate in Sol Fest. There were musical performances with different genres such as rap, rock and jazz/pop. There were game stands that were free for students to play connect four or jenga with their friends. You could walk around and observe art displayed right in the center of Sol Fest. Sol Fest had stations to take pictures with your friends, paint, braid hair and create buttons. There were also food truck stands that sold ice cream and fries.

Dan and Tay perform their songs, “When it Rains it Pours” and “Even if You Change,” guest starring their friend Nathan on the Luna Stage at Sol Fest on April 27. Photo credit: Fabiola Perez Lopez
CSUN's Sol Fest featured a variety of booths to keep the guests entertained on April 27. The button making station attracted student as well as families. Photo credit: Nikiko Burnett
Recent CSUN graduate, Kate Paguinto, sold her handmade jewelry at CSUN's Sol Fest on April 27. "My twin sister is my partner ... she's in San Diego and she literally just texted me that she got engaged," said Paguinto. Photo credit: Nikiko Burnett
Leslie Serrano and her niece Ilene Cruz taking photos in the inflatable pit at CSUN's Sol Fest on April 27. Photo credit: Nikiko Burnett
Chynna Lloyd (left), a 20-year-old public health major, taking photos with Cornelia Wagner (right), a 28-year-old health administration major, in front of the Matty Statue during Sol Fest on April 27. Lloyd described Sol Fest as “community gathering” and “makes the community more welcoming.” Wagner described Sol Fest performances as “different types of music and there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.” Photo credit: Fabiola Perez Lopez