Sunset Sessions: Sad Park

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Sunset Sessions: Sad Park

PJ Shahamat, Logan Bik, Noelle Nakamura, and Brendan Reed-Crabb

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On Sunset Sessions this week, Sad Park comes in for a stripped-down performance. The group brings together powerful vocals, subdued drums, arpeggiating basslines, and sprinkled guitars for a great performance of songs off their album Sleep and their upcoming album. Every week we invite musicians to come in, have a conversation and play a set of their favorite songs.

Song List:

  1. No Name
  2. Untitled
  3. Goodnight
  4. End

Produced and Mixed by PJ Shahamat
Shot by Brendan Reed-Crabb and Noelle Nakamura
Edited by PJ Shahamat, and Logan Bik