Lacuna Coil has a power performance

Sami Eshaghi

The music was loud and the mosh pit was as alive. That sums up the night for Lacuna Coil at House of Blues in Sunset on Friday Oct. 16 on their “All that Remains” tour.

Lacuna Coil, the Italian Rock band from Milan, formerly known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal, are known for their gothic style. On their newest album “Shallow Life” they kept the style and image, but they went from gothic to alternative hard rock. Although they made this transition, it didn’t take away anything from the energy of the band or the crowd. From their first song, they jumped up and down screaming and within a couple of minutes they were soaked in sweat. So was the crowd.

As a fan of music and hard rock but not much of a fan of gothic and heavy metal, I was very surprise from the sound that came out of the stage. It was one of the only times that I could actually understand the lyrics in a rock concert. Yes, the guitar and bass were both very loud but Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia, lead singers of the band, managed to top the music and have their voice heard. Maybe it was Scabbia’s voice that gave their music a good contrast; the heavy drumming and guitar with a gentler voice of a female vocalist that gave it easy listening experience. For those who haven’t heard of this band, they can be put them in the same category as Evanescence, Paramore or even Linkin Park. The only difference is Lacuna Coil’s music is more upbeat, which it makes you want to jump even higher and dance harder.

For those of you who desperately want to go to their concert and experience a good alternative hard rock concert, unfortunately Sunday Oct. 18 was their last day in California, but their tour continues through Nov. 14 in U.S. Then their off to Canada and then Europe. So pack your bags and head to Salt Lake City, Utah this Thursday where Lacuna Coil play their next concert, continuing their one month tour in U.S.