Letter from the editor – Issue 7


Mercedes Cannon-Tran, Magazine Managing Editor

Black History Month is a time that means a great many things to different groups of people. For
some like myself, it is a time of remembrance and reflection; looking to the past and honoring previous success while gaining inspiration for what is to come. It can also mean a time to shine a spotlight on the pride one may have for their heritage. Over the last two years, this country has witnessed a massive change within the Black community in terms of social justice and coming together for support and change.

In this issue we will explore topics pertaining to the Black community and Black History Month. Some stories offer us a glimpse back in time, such as the conversation with Rev. Broadous; while others tackle uncomfortable but unavoidable topics such as colorism.

Just like the unique spectrum of color and identities within the Black community, we hope this issue embodies that diversity and provides a more rounded representation of problems, solutions and celebration.