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Writer’s Pick: Top 5 TV Shows of The Year

2023 was packed with many different types of new movies and TV shows. Whether you watched alone or with friends, there were shows that pulled at your heartstrings, made you scream at your screen or left you wanting more.

5. “The Bear”

Photo courtesy of FX/Hulu.

“The Bear” is a about a professional chef named Carmy who has to go back to his hometown, Chicago, to run his brother’s restaurant after he committed suicide.

Viewers are automatically thrown into this highly intense environment, leaving them at the edge of their seats. Panic attacks happen often and things don’t always go as planned. The thing that sets this show apart from the others is the portrayal of being eaten alive by guilt.

Carmy and the other chefs are relatable characters which allows the audience to further their connection with both the show and themselves. In moments where it feels highly intense, there are subtle hints of humor that allows the audience to stay relaxed.

With two seasons under its belt, and a third on the way, “The Bear” has already become an awards season mainstay. If you are into intense shows centered around the drive to do better, this show is for you.

4. “The Summer I Turned Pretty”

Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” is a TV adaptation of the novel series written by Jenny Han. Starring Lola Tung, Gavin Casalegno and Christopher Briney, the show centers around the main character, Belly, who is in a love triangle between her two childhood friends Jeremiah and Conrad.

Season two of the show aired during the summer, but was both a hit and a disappointment. Having previously read the novels, I mentally prepared myself for certain events to happen. When they came to the screen, I was disappointed with the execution and the unnecessary amount of extra characters included. They had completely changed the plot, which confused me as to what I was watching.

The portrayal of Belly’s interactions with both Jeremiah and Conrad left me on the edge of my seat. There were moments between the characters where I was caught between who to root for. One thing is for sure about the Summer I Turned Pretty– it is a rollercoaster of emotions that it takes its viewers on. One moment, the viewer may be laughing and another moment they could be crying. Finding a show that can connect to its audience so well is hard to find, which made the show ten times better.

3. “All the Light We Cannot See”

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

“All The Light We Cannot See” is a beautiful story based on the Pulitzer award winning novel written by Anthony Doerr. It takes place during WWII and tells the story of two teenagers: Marie-Laure Leblanc, a blind girl who illegally broadcasts a radio show at night hoping to find her father and Warner Pfenning, a German orphan who was forced to become a Nazi because of his talent with radios.

I have often found myself struggling with connecting to historical shows, but I did not seem to have that issue when it came to this show. Every detail was perfectly executed, making for a remarkable series.

As a viewer, you instantly become attached to these characters and hope that they will eventually find their way to one another. You are thrown into this anxiety riddled atmosphere with the introduction of antagonists, and the plot twists that will leave you questioning your sanity. The show was one of the better watches of the year.

2. “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

“Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” is the spinoff to the Netflix Original series, “Bridgerton”. The series prologues the beginning of Queen Charlotte’s reign and her love story with her husband King George.

This show is perfect for those that love drama romances in different time periods. This show beautifully portrayed the beauty of love during simpler times. The interactions between Queen Charlotte and King George were limited throughout the series’ run, but each character’s desire for one another remained the same.

A stand out aspect of the show is that it is shown from both perspectives. Usually, more historical dramas are shown from the woman’s perspective, but to be able to understand the man’s feelings, it connects the audience with all the characters and incorporates classic “Bridgerton” detailed monologues.

If you are into passionate portrayals of love or just a hopeless romantic, this is definitely a show you should watch.

1. Daisy Jones and the Six

Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

“Daisy Jones and the Six” is another adaptation based on the novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid about a band from the 70’s and the events that led to their breakup.

Reading the novel beforehand created an exciting experience for me as a viewer. The show perfectly executed the different lives each band member experiences while showing how they coincided.

Every detail from the costumes to the music was perfectly planned out to fit the 70’s vibe. One of the best things about the show was its documentary-style approach. If you are into documentary style shows, this show is for you. Not only does the show center around the band and the bandmates, but it includes themes of betrayal, angst, and more.

If you are interested in dated shows that portray love in different ways, this show is for you.

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