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Yubo Highlights Springtime as a Season for Growing Online Friendships


Branded Content by Cosmic Press

Social discovery app Yubo highlights the ways in which springtime is the perfect time for fostering meaningful online friendships.

Springtime’s arrival brings in much more than just “April showers and May flowers.” For centuries, spring has been a season of renewal and rejuvenation. In addition, the warmer weather and longer days are ideal for getting outside and socializing with family and friends.

Live social discovery app Yubo highlights three ways the spring season can promote the building of in-person and online friendships. To get the ball rolling, the Yubo platform offers users two popular methods of engagement. And with Yubo’s expanding global user base, teens and young adults have a world of potential friendships to explore.


3 Reasons Springtime is Ideal for Building Friendships

Uplifting friendships can flourish when both parties seek out enjoyable, enriching interactions. During the pleasant springtime months, three key factors help set the stage for these “win-win” outcomes.


Sunshine and Warmth Encourage Positivity

For many regions, spring’s sunshine and warmth are a welcome change from months of gray skies, frigid temperatures, and snow. Sunshine also helps foster better sleep and helps the body generate valuable vitamin D, an important nutrient.

Equally importantly, the sun’s rays can markedly improve emotional well-being. And when someone has a positive view of the world around them, they are more receptive to building friendships with others.


Extra Daylight Promotes Outdoor Social Activities 

People typically prefer socializing outdoors during the daylight hours. In the United States, Daylight Savings Time brings longer spring days meant for scenic walks and outdoor social gatherings.

Not surprisingly, extra hours spent in the warm sunshine can also help foster an improved mood. When someone’s in a positive frame of mind, they are better able to cultivate satisfying friendships.


Spring Weather Invites Outdoor Exercise

Exercising during the winter can feel like a huge ordeal. Gathering workout gear, and traveling to the gym in often-frigid weather, go against humans’ desire to remain inside and stay warm. And outdoor runs or brisk walks may seem less appealing when it’s cold and gray outdoors.

However, springtime sunshine and warmth often draw exercisers outdoors again. Walking through the neighborhood, hiking local trails, and playing team sports are simply more enjoyable in pleasant weather. Outdoor workouts also raise energy levels and can help create an increased feeling of vitality. And when people celebrate a good workout together, they are building a solid foundation for friendship.


Yubo’s Key Features Set the Stage for Friendships

Today, an increasing number of friendships are sparked on social media platforms. Gen Z users, ranging from 13 to 25, are at the forefront of this online friendship trend. In fact, these digital natives are quite comfortable building exclusively online relationships.

Yubo’s live social discovery app, launched in 2015, invites these teens and young adults to grow friendships with other same-aged users from across the globe. By engaging with individuals from different countries and cultures, each user can appreciate others’ similarities while respecting their differences.


Yubo Prioritizes Friendships (Not Metrics)

In today’s increasingly digital world, social media channels often compete for the younger demographic user base. Once online, these teens and young adults must often navigate a platform based on “Likes” and “Follows.”

This overriding metrics focus could pressure some young users to exhibit online behaviors that don’t reflect their true values. Although they might rack up favorable metrics, this inauthentic behavior could cause some emotional downsides.

Paris-based Yubo circumvents this issue by keeping metrics out of the equation. Instead, company leaders invite young users to connect with others who have similar interests. The platform’s chat and livestream features closely mimic small-group gatherings often found among real-life friends.

Naturally, Yubo expects every platform user to respectfully interact with others. When users sign up to access the Yubo app, they agree to follow the platform’s respect-based Community Guidelines.


Finding Same-Aged Users with Similar Interests

To offer a good social media user experience, each platform should make it easy to find other users with similar interests. However, many platforms force users to navigate through multiple menus to locate those elusive individuals.

However, live social discovery app Yubo is refreshingly different. The platform offers a profile tag feature, enabling users to easily communicate their interests to potential connections. To date, over six million Yubo users have put this functionality into practice.

Yubo app users can apply the profile tag feature in one of two ways. First, while designing their platform profile, the user can select certain topic tags. Second, adding these profile tags ensures that the user appears in others’ searches geared to these specific interests.


Yubo Users Enjoy Chats and Livestreams

Social media platforms thrive on ongoing user interactions. When a platform offers multiple methods of engagement, it’s more likely to attract users who prefer to choose their own communication method. Yubo users can socialize via the platform’s chat and livestream functions. Each medium has its own appeal, and each one encourages the formation of online friendships.


Personal One-to-One Chats

Yubo encourages its young users to engage in private chats on the app. To get started, both parties will form a friendship on the Yubo platform. This opens the door to freewheeling discussions on topics important to Gen Z users.

Perhaps they’ll chat about fashion, music, school, or another trending topic. They’ll just need to follow Yubo’s Community Guidelines. All users agree to comply with these Guidelines when they join the Yubo platform.


Popular Live Streams (or “Lives”)

Livestreams are a fast-growing communication medium with high appeal to Gen Z users. In fact, Yubo’s livestream (or “Live”) feature has become the platform’s most widely used communication method.

In a nutshell, a Yubo “Live” feels like a fun catch-up between a group of close friends. One to 10 users can stream at once, with an unlimited number of users chiming in with their live thoughts. Streamers may chat about their daily lives, showcase a personal talent, or comment on a global trend of interest.


Yubo Consistently Prioritizes User Safety

Every social media user desires (and deserves) a safe online experience. Toward that end, Yubo has instituted robust safety precautions that are regularly enhanced. The Yubo User Safety Program consists of five key components:

  • 100 Percent User Age Verification
  • Safety-Focused Age Gating
  • Livestream Audio and Video Moderation
  • Algorithm and Safety Specialist Monitoring
  • The Respected Yubo Safety Board

Yubo Maintains Its Online Safety Industry Leadership

Yubo’s multi-part User Safety Program positions the company as an industry leader. The Yubo Safety Board, composed of recognized experts from online safety organizations, provides ongoing guidance for Yubo’s user safety initiatives. Yubo also engages in NGO and organizational partnerships. Taken together, these combined efforts are geared to providing each Yubo user with a safe, satisfying online experience.


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