Campus Crime: January 20, 2010

Jacob Nahin

All information provided was available from the Police Departments Daily Crime Log

Report #: 100046
Offense: Traffic Collision – Hit-&-Run
Date Occurred: 01/21/10 @ 08:40 HRS.
Date Reported: 01/21/10 @ 08:40 HRS.
Location: Lot G9 Parking Structure
Synopsis: A CSUN police officer cited and released an 18-year-old CSUN student for striking a parked vehicle damaging the rear bumper and leaving the scene without leaving her contact information.
Disposition: Cleared by Arrest

Report #: 100047
Offense: Grand Theft
Date Occurred: 12/23/09-01/21/10 @ unknown HRS.
Date Reported: 01/21/10 @ 11:30 HRS.
Location: USU
Synopsis: During an inventory check, a CSUN staff member discovered that an unknown suspect(s) had stolen two projectors.
Disposition: Investigation Continued

Report #: 100051
Offense: Vandalism- Deface with Paint
Date Occurred: 01/22/10 @ unknown HRS.
Date Reported: 01/22/10 @ 06:27 HRS.
Location: Citrus Hall
Synopsis: An unknown suspect(s) wrote graffiti on the disabled-stall wall in the men’s restroom on the first floor.
Disposition: Investigation Continued