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Police search for two men who attempted to abduct a woman near campus


CSUN Police Services are looking for two Hispanic men who attempted to abduct a woman Thursday near campus, according to police.

The incident occurred along the southward corner of Lindley Avenue and Lassen Street around 4:30 p.m. The two unknown males were driving an older, white Toyota Camry with tinted windows and rust spots on the roof, police said.

The car approached the woman and slowly drove next to her, according to police. The male passenger attempted to talk to her, but she continued to walk and ignored him, police said.

The passenger got out of the car and “chased after” her along Lassen Street, police said.

According to CSUNPD both the driver and passenger suspects are described as:

  • Male
  • Hispanic
  • Early to mid-30’s
  • Shaved head
  • Slim body
  • Last seen wearing a white T-shirt

The passenger is described as 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 130 pounds. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, police said.

The woman ran towards a family member who was waiting for her on Lassen Street. The man left the location towards an unknown location, police said.

There were no reports of injuries during the incident, police said.

The woman reported the incident to CSUNPD Friday.

CSUNPD asks anyone with information on this crime to call the Investigations Unit at (818) 677-2111.



  1. Ronaldo62 Apr 9, 2016

    Please notice how suspect descriptions in this and similar cases are being censored in our local news-coverage (KABC, etc.). Last year, CSUN sex-assault criminals had THEIR descriptions censored from local news, as well as one entire sex-crime that went un-reported. In all of these cases, the perps were “Hispanic,” our current “special” shielded “minority” committing more than their share of SoCal crimes these days

  2. Teddy Edwards Apr 9, 2016

    It’s a good thing that women was not allowed to have a concealed weapon. If they kidnapped her to be raped or killed, she might have shot herself. Or worse, if it was legal to carry a concealed weapon on campus like they do in Texas, it might have sent a message to prospective rapists and kidnappers not to try and that would create an unfair imbalance between victim and victimizer, and ,you know … equality is our ideal.

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