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Trump campaigners regenerate protest

Trump supporters hold up trump 2016 poster while people in the background flip them off

A group of anti-Donald Trump students set up a sign that read “F*** DONALD TRUMP” besides alleged Trump supporters on Matador Walk Wednesday afternoon. Trump supporters were seen tabling with a set of signs, sign-up sheets, and a Trump mask.

Karina Ortiz, a grad student, along with others were trying to get information from the alleged group of supporters. The supporters were able to get about six people to sign up to support Trump’s campaign. Motives are unclear why the supporters showed up.

“Unless you are paying us money we can’t give you our names,” one of the alleged student supporters said.

Senior Lauren Cohen was shocked when seeing the small group of supporters yelling “TRUMP! TRUMP!” and one student wearing a hat that read “Make America Great Again.”

“I am an undecided voter, but I am completely becoming turned off to the idea of Donald Trump, simply because the supporters are so belligerent,” Cohen said.“If you’re going to be tabling on campus, you need to give out information.”

However, the alleged Trump supporters refused to give information as they didn’t want to be misrepresented. “We don’t want to be misrepresented,” a Latino student Trump supporter said.

Sophomore Annissa P asked a trump supporter, “From brown person to brown person, how do you support trump? What are your views?”

The alleged Trump Supporter responded, “I just think he wants to make America great again.”

“Go back to your country,” is what Annissa was told when trying to get more information from the group.

Ortiz and the rest of the group of anti-Trump students refused to leave the Trump supporters side.

“We’re not going to tolerate bigotry,” Ortiz said. “Why do you hate your people?” Ortiz told an alleged Latino Trump supporter.

Meliss Arteaga and Nicole Wong Contributed to this Article. 






  1. Concerned Sep 23, 2016

    I am a journalism student at CSUN, a registered Democrat and in NO WAY a Trump supporter but I am completly embarrassed by this article. The reporting is lazy, the writing is lacking and completely bias. I CAN NOT believe this got past even one editor. There is a list of things wrong with this article; the word alleged is not used correctly and is overused, there are spelling errors, the whole thing is slanted against Trump supporters, the reporting is lazy and didn’t take the time to search out any other Trump supporters on campus that could chime in (I know for a fact there are tons of supporters on campus), the list goes on and on. Sure, the supporters shouldn’t have been rude, but that is overshadowed by this thoughtless article. When did it become okay to dismiss someone else’s opinion just because it doesn’t align with yours? This is not journalism. True journalism is meant to inform. The only thing I am now informed of is how unethical the Sundial was in this situation.

  2. Seriously Sep 22, 2016

    Dismissing a student group’s political rally as “alleged,” vilifying
    their efforts to avoid misrepresentation in a hostile political climate,
    and praising those in opposition as acceptably belligerent
    “protesters,” wow, great article. I’m glad there are unbiased heroes in
    journalism on campus to stand up to these monsters with the wrong

  3. lotterry Sep 22, 2016

    They said they dont want to be misrepresented and you sure represented them as something..

  4. M2000 Sep 22, 2016

    So what? No one can have a rally that disagrees with the college Left?

    1. John Carlo Sep 22, 2016

      Thank you! Honestly the left likes to oppress ideas that they don’t endorse, in this case trump supporters. All the students harassing trump supporters should be ashamed for oppressing innocent students for their political views. Those fat hate-filled people are nothing but a bunch of bully’s who get offended when someone has different views than them. Grow up.

      1. Karl Kevin Pascasio Sep 22, 2016

        What part of banning Muslims and deporting undocumented people isn’t “bullying?” If you can’t comprehend how oppressive Trump’s rhetoric has been, and if you can’t understand why students are infuriated with Trump supporters, then you need to do some growing up.

      2. Concerned Sep 23, 2016

        Again John, you are a bully in this situation as well. “fat hate-filled” This is juvenile name calling, which makes you seem less informed and ignorant. If you really want to make a point, rise above don’t stoop to the same level.

  5. John Carlo Sep 22, 2016

    The illegal immigrant students came to protest trump and talk trash to the trump supporters. I was there, the illegals were very mean and nasty, the trump supporters kindly asked them to please leave their information because they were trying to identify trump supporters but the radical hate filled illegals called them names and blocked the pathways also intimidating potential students from talking to the trump supporters. The illegal students also used violent language against whites saying they’re racist for being white and called the colored trump supporters idiots for not being against whites. Ultimately the Trump supporters had to pack up and leave after so much harassment and disrespect from the illegal aliens, only to then be followed and further harassed by the radial pro-illegal/anti-american students. The dishonest media who published this story where also against trump which is why the Trump supporters did not feel safe giving their information. Print the facts.

    1. David White Sep 22, 2016

      How do you know they were illegal? Just curious

    2. Karl Kevin Pascasio Sep 22, 2016

      Associating anti-Trump supporters with being UNDOCUMENTED (not illegal) is probably the most crass thing I’ve seen. This is called resistance. I don’t think you even understand the context behind where the opposition is coming from. Please study what Trump’s domestic and foreign policies are before defending him and his supporters. Not supporting a demagogue who probably lacks the experience to be the leader of the United States isn’t radical. I can’t believe people with views like you exist. lol

    3. Concerned Sep 23, 2016

      I agreed with the fact the article is bias, but your ignorant comments make your whole argument mute. You don’t know for a fact that these students were illegal and your name calling makes you just as bad as them. John, you are just as much a bully as your description of them.

    4. Alex Sep 24, 2016

      “Illegal Aliens”. Last time I checked, I was human. Last time I checked, we are all human. Sorry because people trash talked the Trump supporters; however, do you think “illegal aliens” like being called rapists or criminals by the person, these supporters are supporting? Let me call your mother or father or your little brother or sister a rapist and have people support that. Disrespect? Yes, there are some “illegal aliens” who are criminals but focusing on one group, is not going to solve one problem. Last time I checked, different races commit crimes. And if you were actually there at the Trump supporters table, you should have seen all the disrespect and nasty words they told people. Do not act like that did not happen.

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