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The student media organization of California State University Northridge

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How to: Prepare for the unexpected while at school

So many unexpected things can happen while at school that most of us are not prepared for. Photo Credit: Ryan Hecksel / Staff Photographer

While at school we encounter many unexpected events, from changing weather conditions, to food stains, to people with clipboards and having to deal with long breaks in between classes. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for these particular situations.

As we all know, the weather in the valley can go from 90 degrees one day, to a “freezing” 40 degrees the next day. Though daytime weather is a little warmer during this “cold weather” season, those of us with night classes notice that it gets a little chillier at night. Keeping a light jacket or heavy sweater in the car is simple solution to this problem.

Also, keep an umbrella handy for those unexpected rainy days. Basically a sweater and umbrella are essential items to keep in the car, or backpack, because one item keeps us warm and the other keeps us dry.

On windy days, women and men should keep an elastic hair band near by to keep dirt and even plants out of free flowing hair. Also, do any of us really want stray hairs in our faces and in our mouths?

Getting sick is something none of us want to deal with when term papers or class projects with tight deadlines are due or especially during midterms. True there are times where we cannot avoid getting sick, but there are precautions we can take. Stashing Dayquil pills, cough drops and a lot of tissue in our backpacks is an easy way to do so. For all those other unexpected inconveniences like headaches and stomachaches, the Matador Bookstore sells various pain relievers.

Now picture eating a Checkers Deli sandwich that is so delicious that the unthinkable happens, and at first goes unnoticed. There lies a circular shape stain of mayonnaise on a brand new shirt.

Don’t panic, there are two solutions to this problem. Either always carry an extra shirt or invest in Tide to Go. The instant stain remover, in a convenient pen form, does wonders and can be found at Target and any supermarket.

Walking through campus, there are often people with clipboards who try to stop and ask whether we are a registered voter or if we would like to hear their political views.

People with clipboards can try to stop us, but they can’t make us listen. Let’s hope these people don not read this, but the easy way to get out of this situation is to say, “I’m late for class” or “Sorry” and power walk to our destination.

Perhaps the easiest and best way to avoid people with clipboards is, if possible, to keep an eye out on where they roam and avoid these places at all costs.

After bypassing people with clipboards, now we have a three-hour break to deal with. There are many things to do without having to lose a good parking spot. One suggestion is taking a walk. Yes, I said it, walk. Walk along Reseda Boulevard, the street is lined with places to eat and shopping centers to browse.

Another productive way to spend a long break is to catch up on course readings or work on homework assignments. Go to the Oviatt Library for peace and quiet, or enjoy the fresh air at the any of the grassy areas around campus.

These are just a few situations we can find ourselves facing at CSUN, but in the end it all comes down to having fun, succeeding and enjoying the college experience.

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