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Recession Living: Professional Spa Treatments

It’s only been a month of school and even though you’ve already taken a few pop quizzes, written a paper or two, and have read the equivalent of Webster’s Dictionary, the rest is yet to come. Before you know it you’ll be taking your midterms, turning in assignments worth 40 percent of your grade, and preparing for finals. Wouldn’t it be nice to take some time for yourself and get pampered at an affordable price?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is definitely possible. With this recession, there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars at a fancy spa when other places will do the same job for much less.

There are many benefits that come from pampering yourself with a massage or facial every now and then including lessening depression and anxiety, enhancing immunity, improving circulation, releasing stress, and much more. The downside is that professional massages can be costly. But alas, there are local places that offer these same services.

Try out the beauty schools nearby:  The thought of getting services done at beauty schools such as Newberry’s School of Beauty, Western Beauty Institute, and Marinello School of Beauty might make you a bit shaky, don’t let it. Not only do these places cut, color, and style hair for men and women but they offer other services such as massages, facials, waxing, and nails.

Newberry’s School of Beauty located in Granada Hills offers 15 and 30 minute massages for under $30. They offer different forms of facials for the face and back that also go for $30 or less except for the derma logical which is $33 but includes a 15 minute massage.

Western Beauty Institute (formerly known as San Fernando Beauty Academy) located in Panorama City also offers similar treatments. They offer a back facial that includes steam and mask for $30. This procedure takes up to 45 minutes to an hour. WBI also offers bikinis waxing for only $15 and even better, full face waxing (including eyebrows) for just $20.

Marinello School of Beauty has various locations and offers similar treatments. Enjoy a basic facial for only $11.

Remember, the people working on you are students and want to do well and more importantly, they have teachers constantly walking around making sure procedures are done correctly. You can’t beat a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure, and a full face wax for about $100. This is less than you would pay at a fancy massage parlor for a 50 minute deep tissue massage.

Speaking of massages and speaking from experience, massage schools such as Massage Center and California Healing Arts College also offer all types of massages for under $50.

Massage Center located in Chatsworth and Thousand Oaks is similar to beauty schools except they specialize in only massages. This includes relaxation, deep tissue, Swedish, and pregnancy massages. At the Massage Center you can enjoy a 30 minute massage for only $25 dollars and a 90 minute massage for only $50.

CHAC is located in Santa Monica and offers the same services. A basic massage at this massage school will only cost you $35. If planning to visit CHAC with a friend, make sure to go on a Sunday where the offer two massages for $30 each. How can you beat that?

Don’t be nervous, the massage will be just like, or nearly just like any other professional massage. Students need to complete a certain number of massages before they graduate. Typically these massages run for double the price as fancy spas but they do the same job if not better.

Visit to find massage schools in your area.

Don’t let the ads fool you. Have you ever seen those signs that read “$20 foot massage” and wonder “why would I pay $20 for a foot massage?” That’s what I thought but little did I know that those $20 dollars include a head, arm, leg, and back massage too.

There are countless locations that offer a $20 foot massage. My favorite is Super Relax located in Chatsworth. For only $20 plus tip, you enjoy a quiet serine environment, jasmine tea, and a full body massage that starts with the head and scalp, works its way down to the arms, then down to the feet, and finishes off with the back. If you like strong deep tissue massages than you will especially enjoy Chinese foot massages but if the masseuse is working too hard on your back, let them know and they will lower the pressure.

I’ll be honest, at least once in your life it would really be nice to pamper yourself at a place like Burke Williams. Even though Burke Williams is super pricey, I just want you to know that it’s possible. By signing up for their newsletter and checking their website on a regular basis, you can receive coupons of discounted massage rates and sometimes get great discounts on their services. The good thing about Burke Williams is that you can spend the whole day at the spa enjoying their hot tub, their nap room, using their products, etc. So you can make a $100 massage worth it if you spend the whole day there.

Just remember ladies and gentleman, it’s okay to spoil yourself once in a while, just do it the cheap way. You get the same professionalism, except without the spa and with more money in your pocket.

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