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Friends of the Oviatt library to raise funds with a used book sale

Photo Illustration by Ryan Hecksel / Staff Photographer

Friends of the Oviatt Library will be sponsoring a used book sale to raise funds for the library.

Cindy Ventuleth, director of Development at the Oviatt Library, said the sale on Feb. 16 starts at 9:30 a.m. and goes to 3:00 p.m. The money raised will be used to buy new materials for the library.

“I think it’s very important (to) raise money for the library,” said Anne Kogen, president of Friends of the Oviatt Library.

Although the volunteers love helping the library, this year it is urgent due to California’s budget crisis, Kogen said.

Friends of the Oviatt Library is a group of volunteers including CSUN students, retired faculty members and working people whose goal is to support the university library through fundraising, she said.

Another goal is to provide students with affordable book options, Kogen said.

“We provide students with excellent books at excellent prices,” Kogen said.

Ventuleth said there are several ways people can contribute to the fundraiser. They can either donate books to be sold or they can purchase books.

Kogen said that in cases where big donations are given volunteers are able to pick up the books from people’s homes. She said they plan to attract donations by making people aware of the book sale.

All types of books will be available, Ventuleth said.

“Textbooks, current fiction, research, cook books and escapism — especially escapism for when you’re in college,” she added.

Students facing high textbook costs showed interest in the event. One of those students, Erica Cosby, 24, a sociology graduate student, said she would attend the event to see what she could find.

“It’s a good thing to buy books at an affordable price, especially when students use the books for half a semester,” Cosby said.

While some students are looking for a good deal others are in search for books that interest them.

Claudia Gomez, 23, English major said, she was passionate about gospel and hymn music. Last year, she found a book about hymn music that was published in 1942 for 75 cents.

“It’s rare to find worship song (books),” Gomez said. “I (have) bought some books (because) it’s beneficial, especially if they have music.”
The used book sale also helps students explore different types of books.

“For people who read, they can find a book they’ve been looking (for) or they haven’t found before for a cheaper price,” said freshman Mikey Demarco, 19, English major.

Ventuleth added that for busy students who can not make it to the used book sale, there will be another sale on Tuesday, April 20 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Both Kogen and Ventuleth said reading was important even for students that are already reading material for classes.

“It enlightens people, you learn a lot, you also get the pleasure,” Kogen said. “Some people like mystery. It shows them a side of life they didn’t know about.”
Ventuleth said books allow people to use their imagination.

“You’re using imagination, creativity and (you’re) using your mind,” she said.

She said when people watch television they are just staring at it and with books a person can imagine a story based on his or her own perspective.

“There’s a place for a book in everyone’s mind,” Ventuleth said.

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