Its just one of those mornings

Amber Green

The kids are bickering and fighting one another, you’re running around frantically trying to find their shoes and the time is dwindling away. You’re pressed for time and the kids always seem to pick the wrong moment to be uncooperative with you. I know how it can be very frustrating especially if you know you’re going to be late for class or work. We as parents have all had a morning similar to this.

You’ve repeated yourself a million times and it still hasn’t registered in their little minds that mommy is going to be late. Instead, playing with their toys or picking a fight with their sibling(s) is all that registers. Yes, this is the when we scream out loud but only in our heads. Wouldn’t each morning be wonderful and smooth if we can just get our kids to flow with the routine? It would in some perfect world out there. But let’s snap back to reality; that would just be too easy for us as parents. Our world doesn’t work that way.

The car ride is even more excruciating. The kids are kicking the back of your seat having a temper tantrum because you said no candy for breakfast. At this point we want to pull every strand of our hair out. Once they’re dropped off at school or with the babysitter or daycare, we take a deep breath and just smile.

Not all mornings are like this and it’s OK to have a few during the month. After all, the life of a parent is not supposed to be easy. Parenthood is here to challenge us and our beautiful kids are here to test us.

So embrace the mornings where you can’t find anything because the house is a mess, the kids are screaming and yelling, and you’re mentally still asleep. Those are priceless moments.