Ten years ago


By Ili Georgiev

Concerns over limited and full classes worry students in the College of Business Administration and Economics.

Ten years ago business majors found it difficult to get into the classes they needed because certain classes were offered once a year, the timing was inconvenient or the class was full and adding the class was not an option.

Kiyoka Ogasawara, a management information systems business major, was quoted saying, “It seems like the classes are completely full all of the time.”

Another issue was the fact that students were unaware of prerequisites and the students did not know certain class information before enrollment.

Advisement was offered but the advisors were not always aware of all the requirements for students before enrolling in a class.

Back then, as well as today, students have to be enrolled in at least 12 units if they are an international student, in order to receive financial aid and health coverage. Students have had to enroll in classes they do not necessarily need just to get the minimum of 12 units.

Ogasawara was quoted saying, “As an international student, I have to take 12 units, but I can only get three classes. I always have to take classes I don’t need.”

Due to our current state budget situation many classes have been cut and staffs have been shortened. This makes it difficult for students to get into the classes they need, which in turn lengthens the amount of time spent at CSUN in order to graduate.

Students do not have a choice when it comes to their registration date, but there are options through which students can acquire priority registration.