Who will be CSUN’s next idol?

Krista Daly

CSUN students are bringing their own version of American Idol to campus.

“We know CSUN has students with great vocals,” Eliza Rupchian said. “We want to give them the motivation to reach their goal.”

Rupchian, along with Camille Rochele, Rita Korkounian, and Terrell Penny, created CSUN Idol as group communication project for a communication studies class. The assignment was to create an event out of something the students are passionate about.

“We all have a passion for music,” Rupchian said.

The first auditions took place Monday, March 8.

“It was such an enjoyable event to share with my fellow CSUN classmates,” Korkounian said. “The auditions went very smoothly and were quite successful. We were pleasantly surprised by the showcase of talent in the room. It is such a vulnerable position to be in, yet all the students delivered and performed with such ease. We are anticipating a larger group for the auditions that will take place on Friday.”

The next auditions will be held Friday, March 12 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Manzanita Hall room 101.

Twelve contestants will be chosen for the first round, and then it will be narrowed down to three final contestants, Rochele said.

The auditions are judged by the group members, Korkounian said. The finale, however, will be judged by an audience ballot.

“The finale will be held April 25 in the little theater on campus, which holds approximately 75 people,” Rochele said.

First place will receive a cash prize of $250. Second will get $50 and third will be awarded $25.

The money will be donated by all the members of the group.

“We’re here just to have fun and to show them they have what it takes to achieve their dream,” Rupchian said.