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Winter trends to keep this Spring

Jennifer Zeitlin/Staff Photographer

Don’t vacuum seal those winter clothes just yet. They can easily top this year’s hottest spring trends. The dos and don’ts of what to wear for certain seasons have changed over time. Buying a whole new wardrobe for each season isn’t economically smart nowadays.

Ladies and gentlemen it’s OK to rock winter outfits this spring. Here are some winter outfits that have been stamped with the approval sign:


* Tights: these can be worn all year-round. Simply go from black, fall colors to colorful spring colors. Incorporate a nice, ruffled skirt with a pair of some colorful tights. Lean towards softer hues of pinks, blues, greens and purples.

* Leather bomber jackets: Who said you can’t wear leather in the spring? Don’t ditch the leather bomber coat because it’s perfect for those breezy beautiful spring days. Pair it with some skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. And for the shoes, a pair of flats or heels will definitely compliment that winter coat.

* Sweaters: Feather-light sweaters are essential to wear this spring because the weather hasn’t reached record breaking numbers. Preferably, cropped cardigans or light sweaters come in handy for the first half of a spring day. They’re not too bulky or heavy. There’s just enough material for those chilly mornings or April showers. Dress any v-neck sweater up by layering it with colorful tank tops/camisoles.

*Tunics:  Tunics can be justified as the ultimate sexiness of a simple outfit. Mid-sleeve tunics can accent the curves of a woman’s body. They can either be worn plain with a pair of tights and flats. Or to bring sexy back, slap on a decorative belt with a pair of sexy peep toe ankle boots.

* Boots: Ladies think about finding a good shoe man because the heels on those cute ankle, mid-calf, knee-high and thigh boots will need be re-soled. This is another fashion trend that can last all year. It doesn’t matter the type, slouch boots, snow boots or the cute belted boots  can be matched with any spring outfit: tights, skirts, shorts and skinny jeans.


* Button-down shirts: often these are worn with business suits but quickly can become an easy, casual look for some men. Guys can take the sleeves and roll them up, place a white-beater tank top underneath and then pair this “corporate America” shirt with cargo shorts. As long as the toes aren’t offending anyone, a pair of flip flops from American Outfitters would go along great with this outfit.

* V-neck sweaters: wearing a light country club sweater with a pair of shorts is a great look for the spring. This is the outfit that can be worn the duration of a spring day without having to remove the sweater.

* Military jackets: guys can accent these with a v-neck shirt or even a crew neck will do. Dark denim jeans and shorts matches precisely with military jackets. Graphic tees are not going away anytime soon, so wearing one with a military jacket is a hot fit for this spring. It’s on during the early hours and when it gets a little warm, showing off that physique body is a special treat the ladies will love.

* Blazers: casual business jackets are what these styles mimic. Definitely was a hot trend for winter but it still can be for spring. They work perfectly with a nice set of washed denim jeans or some slacks.

* Retro Shoes: a perfect fit with blazers, military jackets, shorts and jeans. Rock these with a pair of dark denim skinny jeans or if skinny isn’t your cup of tea, fitted jeans will do. I know some may ask what retro sneakers are. Think of the hip-hop group Run DMC, think old-school Adidas and Puma.

Denim jeans are like avocados, they’re around all year. So gals and guys any trend mentioned above can easily be paired with any type of jeans. And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, saving money this spring is a task or goal that can be done. It’s simple: don’t put away those winter clothes just yet.

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