Follow the food truck using social media

Jacob Nahin

Food served out of the back of a truck isn’t new, but leave it to Los Angeles to make what would otherwise be called a “roach-coach” into something trendy.

That said, there are a number of food trucks roaming the L.A. area that use Twitter to tell fan foodies where they are serving meals. If you’re new to L.A. or just haven’t had the chance to try the cat and mouse game, here are five must-follows and their fan-favorites:

1. Kogibbq: Asian-fusion food. ‘Spicy Pork Tacos’ only $2. On Twitter: @kogibbq

2. Buttermilk Truck: Breakfast at all times of the day. ‘Buttermilk Pancake Bites’ six for $4. On Twitter: @buttermilktruck.

3. Green Truck: According to its Twitter page: “Organic, vegan-friendly” food. “The Mother Trucker,” a vegan burger topped with the portable restaurant’s ‘Trucker Sauce’ only $6. On Twitter: @Green_Truck.

4. The Grilled Cheese Truck: The usual grilled bread and melted cheese, this food truck offers a variety of add-on’s including BBQ pork and caramelized onions. Sandwiches run between $3 and $4.50 depending on the type of cheese you want. On Twitter: @grlldcheesetruk.

5. South Philly Experience: Bringing Philly cheese steaks and authentic Tastykakes, expect to spend around $10 for a meal. On Twitter: @southphillyexp.

Feeling spontaneous and adventurous? Check out @LAfoodtruck, a Twitter profile with a list that aggregates all of the Twitter feeds from food trucks in the L.A. area, and travel to the truck with the most recent tweet.