Video game review: “The Hero” battles creatures in ancient Greece


Kelly Moreno, contributing reporter

"The Glory of Hercules" a role-playing game, sends the characters on a journey to Mount Olympus to restore "Hero's" memory.


Nintendo has released a new game entitled “The Glory of Hercules.” Fans of the “Pokemon” series will find this new game has a similar style. This new Role-Playing Game (RPG) includes many battle scenes, voyages, and quests.  “The Glory of Hercules” is available for both the Nintendo DS and the DSI. The game was written by famed game programmer Kazushige Nojima, known for his work on the game “Final Fantasy.” 

“The Glory of Hercules” is a journey based Greek Mythology game—equipped with high resolution, which equates to impeccable detail.

“The Glory of Hercules” began in Japan, as was just recently translated and released in the United States.

  The main character is an unnamed immortal man or also known by his nickname, The Hero. Set in ancient Greece, the player is confronted by ancient mythological creatures.

 Due to a fall, the Hero suffers from amnesia, and can’t remember his true identity. In addition to the main character, the player is followed by four other characters: Leucos, an immortal woman with the strength of a man; Axios, a romantic, yet strong fighter; Eris, a young immortal girl with no memory of her past, but has continued to travel the earth; and a man who claims to be Hercules. The crew treks out on a journey to Mount Olympus to restore the unnamed character’s memory.

Along the way there are a series of battles — the characters are constantly confronted by mythical creatures, ranging from the allusive and powerful Kraken to the strong Cyclops.

 In addition to creatures of ancient myth, the player learns about Greek mythology.  Throughout the various Greek towns there are multiple Greek god temples. By praying to the statues the character learns knew talents or magic.

The “Glory of Hercules” is a fun game for those who are avid gamers; and it is easy enough to understand for those who don’t play games very often. Rated “E” (10+) “The Glory of Hercules” proves to be a fun and engaging for all age groups,