D.I.Y: Female upcycle for fall

D.I.Y: Female upcycle for fall

Aimee Lastrella

I’m a struggling college student that has a problem. I have a limited amount of funds, but I love clothes.

We all just paid tuition and bought our books and some of us have to pay our rent and bills as the end of the month comes around. With all these expenses (plus food and gas!) what money is left for the clothes on our back?  If I do the math right, I think it’s little to none (for me, at least).

So my inner fashionista did some hunting and I found some D.I.Y (do it yourself) pieces for the fall.

And don’t worry; I have something for both sexes, but guys you have to wait for later in the week for yours. (ladies first, sorry!)

For the girls

After looking through, tons of magazines while in line at the grocery store (I know it’s not a library, sue me) I fell in love with one trend that the fall is all about- the statement necklace.

I wanted this trend so bad, but I had to find something that met my wants and my funds at the same time.

So the inner- green lover in me decided that it was time to “upcycle.”

(What’s “upcycle”? It’s a term used by green-keepers, that means to create something from an ordinary previously loved material and turn it into something of similar or greater value.)

So I turned to one of my favorite green websites, Your Daily Thread, to find a solution.

They had a video and everything on how to create your own statement necklace that I love! (I have made 3 already!)

Materials needed: an old plain t-shirt, scissors and a few minutes.

The directions were super simple and the necklace looks like ones you can see in magazines.  (Just add some flare with a few beads and some sparkle if you want!)