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Fall fashion embraces the heat on CSUN campus

Fall fashion embraces the heat on CSUN campus

Natanya Toomes

October 30, 2014

additional reporting by Georgia Simone Levy, contributor We already know that the heat is making statement here at CSUN, but is the style as hot as the heat? Fall fashion is here, we’re just waiting on the weather to catch up. Hoodies, scarves, turtlenecks, and boots have been put on hold...

D.I.Y: Male upcycle for fall

Aimee Lastrella

September 16, 2010

So here it is, gentlemen. As promised, your DIY for fall fashion is on how to make a quality skinny tie. For the Guys We see it walking down the red carpet and on all the celebrities that girls are drooling over. I am talking about the skinny tie and the fall is going to be all about them- so get one....

D.I.Y: Female upcycle for fall

D.I.Y: Female upcycle for fall

Aimee Lastrella

September 15, 2010

I’m a struggling college student that has a problem. I have a limited amount of funds, but I love clothes. We all just paid tuition and bought our books and some of us have to pay our rent and bills as the end of the month comes around. With all these expenses (plus food and gas!) what money is...

Fashion ideas for late summer and early fall

Kerstin Gupilan

October 5, 2009

Most states have four seasons: spring, summer, fall, then winter.  But here in Southern California, and notably in the San Fernando Valley, we have just two seasons: hot and hotter.  All joking aside, in other parts of the country the daily weather is consistent. Generally, when it is cold in the ...

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