Fashion ideas for late summer and early fall

Kerstin Gupilan

Photo Caption: Angelica Bonomo
Photo Caption: Angelica Bonomo

Most states have four seasons: spring, summer, fall, then winter.  But here in Southern California, and notably in the San Fernando Valley, we have just two seasons: hot and hotter.  All joking aside, in other parts of the country the daily weather is consistent.

Generally, when it is cold in the morning it will likely be cold in the afternoon and into the evening.  But for us in the greater Los Angeles area, the day might start out with a nice overcast sky before transforming into a vicious sauna.

For those of us who spend the majority of the day on campus, dressing correctly for this bizarre between-season weather is particularly difficult.  To begin with we dress for the morning weather complete with a light jacket and a favorite pair of jeans.  Let’s face it, by midday we’re fighting the urge to just go home and slip into shorts and a tank.

It’s even harder to reinvent your summer wardrobe for the fall season on a budget.  Luckily, because we live in Southern California we can take all our favorite summer pieces right into September and most of October.  Here are three summer staples found right in your closet that transition easily into fall.  And yes, these tips are geared toward females, but truth be told, guys do have it slightly easier when dressing in the morning.

Shorts:  Great for frolicking around the beach or park during the summer and are totally functional.  However, when paired with a sheer pair of leggings or tights, shorts become ultra chic and trendy.  Throw in a pair of bejeweled flats or knee-high boots and you’ll be ready to go from the classroom to happy hour. Not a fan of the idea of matching shorts with tights?  No problem.  Just ditch the shorts, this same idea also works well with your favorite mini, although be careful because you might start to hit trends circa 2001.  Layered A-line skirts with elastic waistbands work best. Because tights and leggings are made of thinner materials it is easier to keep cool when needed, as well as warm.

Floral print sundress: Not quite ready to hang up your favorite strapless empire-waist floral mini-dress? Exactly, me neither.  Looking through various fashion magazines, floral prints will still be around this fall, so it’s safe to suggest keeping yours at the front of your closet.  Try layering a solid t-shirt under the dress.  It’ll keep you warm, plus give the dress a more casual look, great for going out with friends or to class.  When the weather finally begins to cool down, simply switch to a long sleeve and throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans.  You’ll be totally modern, without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Maxi dress:  They are ideal for summer because you can throw them over bathing suits and are comfortable to longue around in.  But I have to say, some trends really should be left in certain seasons.  One of the best ways to turn a maxi dress into a fall look is probably to pair it with a solid grandpa cardigan, and to give it a more cohesive look, throw on a scarf with an interesting print.

Dressing for mixed-weather isn’t rocket science, most of the time it’s just about layering.  Accessories for each season play a big part in completing any outfit.  Scarves and hats transition effortlessly from summer to fall, but instead of sticking with the same ho-hum prints and styles, be adventurous.  Get out there and try something new.  Fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself, so don’t hold back.  The important thing to remember is as long as you are comfortable in what you are wearing, then nothing else really matters.