D.I.Y: Male upcycle for fall

Aimee Lastrella

So here it is, gentlemen. As promised, your DIY for fall fashion is on how to make a quality skinny tie.

For the Guys

We see it walking down the red carpet and on all the celebrities that girls are drooling over. I am talking about the skinny tie and the fall is going to be all about them- so get one.

I went to go see how much an average skinny tie’s price would run. At Urban Outfitters and skinnyties.com they ran for about $20, depending on the length, material, pattern and quality.

But I’m someone who is all about being green and saving green.

So I thought about it and asked a few of my guy friends where they got their ties from and they said they’re old ones from their father’s closet. And then a light bulb went off in my head- you could totally “upcycle” those ties into a new trend.

(If you don’t have a tie from your dad’s closet or your own, spend few bucks at a goodwill and buy a handful of ties that you’ll love.)

Not really sure how to turn an old fat tie into a chic slim tie, I went on a search and found great photo-illustrated instructions at DesignMom.com.

(click here for the instructions!)

Materials: a previously loved tie, a pair of scissors, an iron, a needle and thread and a good chunk of time (depending on your sewing capabilities- better yet get your mom, girlfriend or sister to help you out)

It took me 20 minutes (and a few band aids) to create a tie for my friend, but he loves it and I’ve seen him wear it twice in the week after I gave it to him.

The result of both projects has made 3 great upcycled necklaces for me and an amazingly upcycled skinny tie for my friend.  We are so ready for the fall and now you can too- all while being green and saving green.

After all, green is one of fall fashions great colors.

Guys, also be on the lookout for an article on how to update your fall wardrobe in an upcoming issue of The Daily Sundial.