Helping and not helping: L.A. County beach clean-up volunteers and Lindsay Lohan

Megan Magers

HELPING: L.A. County Beach Clean-up Volunteers

Sept. 25 marked the 21st annual Coastal-Cleanup Day in L.A.

The L.A. Times reported a record 14,131 volunteers helped clear our waves of waste.

At 65 different sites, 50 tons of trash was removed.

Things like crack pipes, a full goat hide, fishing line, a lawn chair, lead sinkers, and plastic utensils were pulled out of the ocean and onto the shore to be sorted and recycled.

A big thanks to those volunteers who participated in the protection of marine wildlife homes.

Without such a widespread will to get rid of garbage, who knows what the state of the sea would be.

NOT HELPING: Lindsay Lohan

This Hollywood starlet has repeatedly hit rock bottom. We’ve all watched as she continues the predictable cycle of drug abuse, jail time, and rehab.

I’m beginning to wonder if the actress is addicted to all three.

Her days as a beloved Tinsel town teen have screeched to a sudden stop since 2007 when she was charged with driving under the influence.

Since then, Lohan has missed court-ordered alcohol education classes, set off her SCRAM alcohol-detection bracelet, and failed at least one drug test.

Jail cells and rehabilitation centers have become home sweet home over and over again.

Lohan is not helping her health, her career, or her reputation.

She’s setting the worst example for young fans and wasting the time of police officers, judges, councilors, and treatment facilities.

Earth to Lindsay, shape up or ship out, society is sick of your problems.