June gloom soon to leave

June gloom soon to leave

Kat Ernst

Dear Los Angeles Sun,

I’m writing you because I’m confused as to where you have gone? Yes, I know that you take a vacation in June and “Gloom” stands in your place, but usually you are only gone for a couple of days. It has been two-weeks since I have last seen you. Until you decide to show up again, I will put in a missing star report and investigate your whereabouts….

Many people think that Los Angeles is summer year round with 90 percent of its days filled with sunny weather. However, this June the weather is proving many people wrong. The infamous June gloom has seemed unusually persistent in the past weeks. Some of us are enviously watching the national weather channel to see other states lathering on sunscreen and running through the sprinklers. So what is the deal with this Los Angeles gloom?

“Generally speaking I’d say it seems different because usually the Valleys warm up and the coast will be kept at a marine layer,” Says Bonnie Bartling the weather specialist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard, Ca. “It’s a little opposite at the moment. When you look at the jet stream it usually pushes systems through, but we have had this low pressure system that is just persisting way up to the North.”

Bartling says the June gloom will last for at least seven more days and that the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley’s chilly grayness will most likely be persistent through next Wednesday.

“It’s below normal temperatures yes” says Bartling. “But normally we don’t have much rain and, yes,  we did have some rain.”

Oh well, I miss you, Sun, hope to see you soon…