Recycling the Halloween hangover

Aimee Lastrella

Lots of us either skipped our morning classes or didn’t even want to imagine sitting in lectures on Monday morning after this past Halloween weekend. We dressed up, partied hard and woke-up with the largest hangover- Halloween style.

But for those who woke-up feeling ill the sight of leftover candy did not make us feel any bit better.

I’d imagine that by now the heaps of candy and the hills of sugar coated comas have dwindled down, but if they haven’t- I have a few recipes to help recycle the leftovers that taunt your college stomachs that also crave and miss those home-baked goodies and morsels that mom used to make.

Candy recycled blondies
Don’t get me wrong, nothing is better than mom’s baked goods, but these goodies are worth devouring in a second.‘s, Linda Shuie shared her baking concoction from “living green, San Francisco-style.” All you need is a cup of coarsely chopped chocolate that you can find in your little brother’s or sister’s left over trick-or-treat bag.

Candy corn and pretzel bark
For me, nothing screams the beginning of the holidays other than pretzel bark, especially peppermint bark. But too bad it’s a little too early to break out the candy canes. Nonetheless, all you need is that left over candy corn, some white chocolate, pretzels and some dried cranberries or raisins or anything else you’d like (if you want). The more dried fruits you add the less of a guilty pleasure it becomes- so load it on and make it a healthier snack. This is the perfect mixture of salty and sweet.

Leftover Halloween candy pie
Like you, I get lazy. So with all that leftover candy I just wanted to toss it, but I stumbled upon this recipe that let me do just that but enjoy it at the same time. I just threw the candy into a pie crust and baked. I warn you- I have a major sweet tooth and even this was too much for me. So please eat this in moderation and enjoy it responsibly.