Students hold ‘Die in’ to raise awareness of LGBT issues

Armando Ruiz

Photo Credit: Armando Ruiz / Staff Photographer

CSUN students held a “die in” inside the first and second floor of the Oviatt Library Tuesday afternoon to call attention to the recent suicides among the LGBT community. Participants fell to the ground to symbolize the deaths affecting the LGBT community. Organizers of the “die in” gave a speech on homophobia and the bullying affecting LGBT youth. Other participants handed out fliers that included resources and information on LGBT struggles. Participants chanted, “stop queer violence, create safe space.”

“I came out here today just to kinda support,” said senior Audel Contreras, urban planning major. “In the past few months it’s become a huge problem with students who are in the closet and are homosexual.”

The participants continued to chant as they marched through the lobby out to the front of the Oviatt before dispersing.