CSUN’s USU kicks off Spring semester

Khara Huberman

The University Student Union (USU) is throwing a spring kick-off demo event to provide students with a taste of its three signature programs to raise awareness for student participation.

The event will showcase the USU’s Red Rallies, Craft Corner and Noontime concerts said Event Manager Shanell Tyus, who said she hopes showcasing the USU’s programs will instill “Mattitude” among students and provide them the opportunity to gain some insight into the programs.

“Mattitude is having the attitude of a Matador by embodying the red and black CSUN matador spirit,” Tyus said.

Sean Tuber, event assistant for sports and school spirit, added that the event is designed “to raise awareness for student participation, encourage students to join campus activities, support sports and welcome back students to the spring semester.”

“(I want students to) build strong pride and tradition, love this campus, bleed red and black and to really be a Matador,” Tuber said.

Tuber added that he also wants students to be able to relate to each other.

“It will be great for students to come together and kind of forget about the academic side of school for a moment and to have some fun,” he said. “Everybody needs a break like that once in a while.”

Students will be able to participate in Red Rallies, which take place before CSUN sporting events. Tyus said the concept is to create a sense of collective consciousness among students who would feel a part of a team. She said the program is meant to motivate support for school spirit and athletics, in hopes of building pride and tradition.

“When someone’s wearing a Red Rally T-shirt, it connects them to the campus and using the word ‘squad’ makes you feel like you’re on a team. The idea is for them to wear the shirt at a game to support the athletics,” Tuber said. “We want to build tradition and we want our students to support athletics and build a sense of pride amongst students.”

The other event is the Noontime concerts, which will feature various music genres as a means to offer local acts and bands the opportunity to display their talent. They will take place in front of Plaza Del Sol where a stage will be set up for disc jockey Malski (Jamal McCoy) who will be playing a variety of music such as hip-hop, alternative, electronica and more.

Craft Corner will give students a chance to participate in crafting and allows students to network with others and become more active in student participation.

Emma Goerisch, co-vice president of Student Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (SAFCS) said she would most likely stop by and participate in the Craft Corner.

“I like making stuff so if I stop by at this event it will probably be for the crafting,” Goerisch said.

Those attending the event can look forward to eating free pepperoni and cheese pizzas in the game room where competitions for air hockey, darts and two-player mini shoot-out basketball will take place.